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Ying guan ceramic knife

In the late 90s of last century, the first domestic ceramic knife production line was launched in Jinzhou. From then on, Yingguan ceramic knife as a new product developed independently by Liaoning Yingguan Tech Ceramic Co., Ltd. gained its popularity in the customers. Yingguan ceramic knife uses nanometer zirconia in bio-medical field as raw material, takes unique production techniques of multiple pressing moulding and adsorption protective sintering, and is refined with precise processing and manual edged method. Yingguan ceramic knife has the characteristics of rust-proof, non-discoloring, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance, non-magnetic, bacteria free, ductile, jade-like, sharp, exquisite and fashionable. It is a healthy and pro-environmental new knife and brings people a noble and tasty life. Yingguan ceramic knife, as the licensed merchandise in the 2013 China (Jinzhou) International Garden Expo and a famous trademark of Liaoning Province, has extended into Europe, U.S., Australia and Southeast Asia. It demonstrates the perfect combination of China’s ancient ceramic culture and modern technology and is a gift for the world presented by Jinzhou.

Features of Yingguan ceramic knife
1.  Healthy and environmentally friendly: the ceramic knife is rust-proof, non-discoloring, corrosion resistance, and guarantees the food’s natural flavor.
2.  Clean and hygienic: the ceramic knife is fine and compact, non-magnetic, contamination resistant, easy to wash and can effectively restrain bacteria from breeding..
3.  Rigid and sharp: the ceramic knife is the second only to diamond in hardness, and its cutting edge is abrasion resistant and remains lasting sharpness.
4.  Noble and enjoyable: the ceramic knife is soft white and jade-like, light and exquisite, and brings you delights in cooking and a luxury feeling.

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