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Drum-Edged Disc

In large draw texturing machine, the friction plate of ingot group (false twist) like a person's heart, and small friction disc is "heart" of "heart", and it directly influences the quality of DTY and network yarn index, so the choice of the friction plate is very important.
Friction disc quality depends on two factors: one is material, the other is the machining accuracy。
In terms of material: 95% zirconia ceramics (ceramic) was chosen to be the cause of the friction plate type six arrises is due to its crystal structure, the structure of particle accumulation, naturally formed on the micro uneven. Therefore, to run in chemical fiber produces the effect of friction on the surface of the article makes silk produce torque and complete the task. Due to the roughness of strips, as friction disc ceramic plates of ceramic grain size should never be the same, the most important thing is matching
As people of fabric style and fiber quality requirements gradually improve, people found that exist in the ceramic crystal edges and sometimes produce side effects to strips, as a result, there was no strain strips elliptical crystal structure of the soft ceramic. Soft ceramic, in fact, a kind of aluminum oxide as the main component of composite ceramics
In terms of machining accuracy, because of friction plate is working under high rotation speed, and the strips and its works is very fine, therefore, friction plate must be an absolute guarantee the uniformity and stability, and the coefficient of friction match the strips. Visible, the precision of the friction plate is closely related to the speed of the equipment operation

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