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 The ceramic screw and nut produced by our company are super wear resistance,rust-proof and corrosion resistant,and can be used extensively on ship and large-scale mechanical equipment.  
The main component is alumina ceramics material. This product’s features are as follows: 
Substance characteristic density is 3.6 g / cm2 
Water absorption 0%
Sintering temperature 1680 oC 
HV Physical property hardness 1500 HV 
Folding strength 3000 Kg / cm2
Compressive strength 25000 Kg / cm2 
The highest usage temperature of thermal property 1450 oC 
Thermal impact force resisting 220 T ( oC)
Thermal conductivity 25 - 14 W / m.k ( 2 5 - - 300 oC) 

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