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Electro-vacuum Ceramic Tube

The electro-vacuum ceramic tube is a core component in electric and electronic industries and it is the interface from traditional industry shifting to electronic industry. Testing by the 12th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, this material can resist 40KV DC breakdown strength with folding strength of 370Mpa., and can be metalized on ceramic surface in order to weld with metal materials.
The electro-vacuum ceramic tube, vacuum contactor and other electric ceramic parts produced by our company, which adopt international leading technology and method, are provided with good insulation, airtightness, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance and high strength. They are extensively used in electronics industry, electric power industry and other industries. The comprehensive performance of product excels that of electro-vacuum ceramic parts made by hot press molding, burn casting and other molding methods. Our company can design, make and process electro-vacuum ceramic tubes of various specifications according to the client’s requirements.

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